Episode 104

The New Relativism with Karlo Brousard

Do you remember when relativism was the nemesis of Christians and all people of right reason? This idea that “you have your truth and I have mine” was so pervasive and insidious that Pope Benedict XVI warned it was a “dictatorship” that threatened all our freedoms. Then, seemingly overnight, we’re being told that it’s not a problem anymore. Why? Because in today’s “woke” world, most people are now moralists, not relativists. They impose a litany of new, seemingly absolute “commandments” to make sure we’re never racist, sexist, judgmental, bigoted, “anti-science,” or a host of other deplorable things.

So, relativism must dead; yesterday’s news. Not so fast, says Karlo Broussard in The New Relativism. The dictatorship of relativism isn’t dead; it’s just hiding―behind the mask of woke moralism. Scratch these modern commandments we’re supposed to live by, and lurking underneath you’ll find the same basic errors of relativism: mutated into new forms, perhaps, but no less dangerous to our world and our faith.

Drawing on examples both timeless and fresh as today’s news, Karlo unpacks the various styles and flavors of the new relativism, shining a light on their modern woke disguises and showing how to dismantle them piece by piece. Even more importantly, he shows you how to replace them with better “commandments” that reflect a moral and intellectual universe of objective truth.

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