Welcome to the Rosary Crew!

Here you will find helpful information, resources, an interactive forum, and even the livestream of the daily prayer.

Where Do I Start?

If you are new to praying the Rosary, then start with the video below on “How to Pray the Rosary”:

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Rosary Crew Power Pack

Rosary Crew Power Pack Display Filled with Resources

Cherry-wood finish display (countertop or wall mount)
Fourteen slots that hold a variety of resources (CD’s, booklets, books, pictures)

Dimensions: 28″W x 20″H x 8.5″D
Integrated locking donation box
Acrylic bookmark holder

Resources Included:
4 Unpacking the Mysteries of the Rosary by Keith Nester
4 The Convert’s Guide to Roman Catholicism by Keith Nester
10 Handmade Wooden Rosaries
8 Rosary Pouches
5 Rosary Crew Magnets
20 Rosary Crew Stickers
5 Prayer Booklets
10 Pro-Life Bookmarks

Rosary Crew Promo Pack

Our goal is to see the Rosary Crew continue to grow and with this promotional pack you will play a huge part. We have paired each item so you can keep one for yourself and give one to a friend as an invitation to join the Rosary Crew!

Each Pack Contains:
2 – Wooden Rosaries
2 – Rosary Crew Rosary Pouches
2 – White Rosary Crew Stickers
2 – Black Rosary Crew Stickers
2 – Rosary Crew Magnets 2 – Speaking Invitation Cards to share with your parish or prayer group 10 – Rosary Crew Invitation Cards to share with your friends, family, neighbors
1 – Rosary Crew Invitation Poster to post at your parish

Keith’s Upcoming Events

About The Rosary Crew!

My name is Keith Nester and I lead The Rosary Crew. The Rosary Crew is a live stream prayer community dedicated to praying the Rosary every day. The Rosary Crew began on March 18th 2020. I had just returned from a speaking engagement in Lafayette, LA. On the journey home, the world started to shut down due to the Corona virus. Nobody knew for how long. It was a scary time, and I wanted to check in with people on Youtube, so I live-streamed just to see how people were doing. At some point in the livestream, a viewer asked if we could do a livestream Rosary during the quarantine. At the time, we all thought the shut down would last for a couple weeks (15 days to slow the spread- remember?). It seemed like a big undertaking to lead a livestream prayer everyday for two weeks (I had never led anyone in the Rosary before), but these were special times and I wanted to be a resource for prayer. So we began…

…and we are still here praying the Rosary everyday.

Over 70 countries (and counting) are represented by the thousands of people who gather with the Rosary Crew live and on the replay.

God has used the Rosary Crew not only as a prayer group, but has molded us into a community and a family. Rosary Crew members pray for each other, support each other, and encourage each other in many ways. This group is truly something special. People are being brought into the faith, and brought back to the faith through the Rosary Crew.

Only God knows the full scope and future of the Rosary Crew, but for all of us who participate we count ourselves blessed and honored to be a part of this.

We hope you will join us daily at 5:00pm Central Time.